There are a few different areas in my offerings, ranging from free healing/meditation you can access through my YouTube videos on Home page to ascension healing and self-empowerment meditation. This is where I connect with Ascended Masters, my Higher Self and Christ Consciousness to accelerate personal transformation on multi-dimensional levels. I also offer personal development coaching and Akashic Record reading and clearing. In the Akashic Records, I can assist people to find out Soul's Divine Blueprint, Soul Purposes, uncover negative karmic patterns, clearing the soul-level blocks & restrictions for Soul Realignment.


  • Akashic Record Reading / Clearing (available soon)

  • Personal Development Coaching

  • Self-Empowerment Meditation

  • Ascension Healing 

  • Social Community Creator (see below)


My offerings also include assisting lightworkers to build their own social media platforms and communities with easy-to-apply marketing strategies for their business expansion as "Social Community Creator" in the following areas:


  • Personal Website and Newsletter Setup (using Wix)

  • Facebook (personal page, groups, ads, etc.)

  • YouTube (from setup to video editing, marketing, etc.)

  • Instagram (artwork editing, etc.)

  • Resources for Free Artwork / Video Editing Tools and Applications

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies (link up and promote services with low costs)


The registration for weekly Ascension Healing group sessions is open now!

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