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I'm an energy healer and spiritual advisor, my passion is to raise humanity's vibration for a better New Earth living. I love to share my learning and experiences over the past 10+ years to support people on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels for their awakening & ascension journey.

During the awakening journey in the past 10+ years,  I recognize the true inner power and my passion is to offer my services to those who are ready for transformation and move on for further spiritual growth.

2020 is the year of restructuring & building foundation. I am dedicated to upgrade my energy level in preparation to offer much higher level of energy healing and spiritual teaching. Thank you for your patience and support, please stay tuned for my new services to be released soon! 


In the quest of my soul purpose and missions, I have learned big lessons from joining a dangerous spiritual group, here is the news report: Bad Vibrations ~ The Implosion of a New Age Cult, my cult storyThe Untold Truth: Control or Destroy Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and podcast interview Joy Kuo & Iphigenie Amoutzias' StoryAfter 2 years of recovery I'm back to my spiritual path again, welcome to have a chat with me if you or someone you know get involved in a cult and seek for support, resources or healing. 


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