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I'm an energy healer and spiritual advisor, my passion is to raise humanity's vibration for a better New Earth living, I love to share my learning and experiences over the past ten years to support people on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels for their awakening journey.

In the quest of my soul purpose and missions, I fell into a trap when joined a spiritual group ended up a dangerous and abusive cult, here is the news report: Bad Vibrations ~ The Implosion of a New Age Cult, my cult storyThe Untold Truth: Control or Destroy Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and podcast interview Joy Kuo & Iphigenie Amoutzias' StoryAfter nearly one year of recovery I'm back to my spiritual path again, welcome to have a chat with me if you or someone you know get involved in a cult and would like some more support, resources or healing. 

I have received training from Quantum TouchAccess Bars modalities, and an intuitive spiritual mentor from the U.S. I have re-connected to my Ultimate Self and recognize the true power within all of us, therefore my passion is to share this gift and offer multi-dimensional healing for physical or distant healing sessions. I also offer sessions to assist people to re-connect the Ultimate Self within for spiritual awakening. Welcome to book a free 15 mins consultation session with me.

Please note I am not a medical practitioner, any energy healing sessions are NOT to replace any medical advice or treatments.


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