The 5D Portal of my Higher Self

After 6 months passed the 6th initiation, my Hight Self embodiment is now approximately 23%. Imagine when we have 23% of Internet Wi-Fi reception, the signal is still considered weak compared to its full capacity. This reflects what I feel about the connection with my Higher Self, even so, I could still feel His presence and the energy expansion along the way.

Regardless the weaker signal, I managed to find out more about my Higher Self in the past couple months. My Higher Self is the Alpha (Divine Masculine) aspect of the 6th Ray. The 6th Ray is the ray of the goddess and devotion. His name came to me as “Vottus” when I connected to Him in the Holy Heart. I had no knowledge about this word until I searched on Google. It is originated from Latin “Vōtus”, which is a masculine spelling meaning “promised”, “vowed”, “devoted to”. Plus there are 6 characters in total (synchronicity of the 6th Ray), for me it’s a triple-confirmation that Vottus is the name of my Higher Self.

My inner-knowing tells me constant clearing the blocks and upgrade my energy bodies to the 5th dimension helps to strengthen the connection with my Higher Self, I do believe my Higher Self will “show up” sooner or later.

Just a few days ago, a surprise came to me. Tamara, another 6th Initiate approached me and told me she made a painting for me. When I saw the painting (see the 2nd image below), straight away I could recognize it’s my Higher Self’s energy - the purple and gold colors are the 6th Ray elements, my Higher Self also has some blue color in His energy signature. In the center there is a diamond-shape frame in the brownish color, it looks like the initial “V” for Vottus in the bottom part; on the top of the diamond-shape, there are "6" curves, another synchronicity of the 6th Ray. I had never mentioned anything about my Higher Self to Tamara before, she told me it’s her recent work guided by her Higher Self. After having some conversations with her, I realized it’s our Higher Self connections to produce this energy drawing through her talents, thank you for making this happen!

About one month ago, when I found out my Higher Self’s name, I was thinking if there is a way