"Transformation" Mandala (with bonus Diamonds)

"Transformation" Mandala (with bonus Diamonds)


Receive transformational and Divine energies from this mandala. This is not an ordinary mandala just fill with colors, it is an energy portal that emits Divine energy 24/7 with infused etheric crystals at your choice. Feel its original energy flow before it's energized with etheric crystals.  You can check out the demonstration videos on Joy's YouTube video to feel the etheric crystal energy infused in the mandala.


It's ideal for:

* meditation

* energy clearing/healing

* raise vibration in the room

* energize water and food

* place it on your chakras

* an unique gift for someone 

* more potential benefits


The mandala is make-on-demand and hand-painted by Joy Kuo, who has left the cycle of rebirth and started her Higher Self embodiment process. The Divine energy flows through the painting.  After making the payment, you will receive a PDF file with a list of 60 etheric crystals to choose from to be infused in the mandala.  The list includes the crystal name, crytal image, healing property and corresponding chakra. The etheric crystals are energetically 400% powerful than the physical crystals.  You'll receive bonus etheric Diamonds infused in the manala.  


Note: the actual colors might be slight different due to color distortion of the image; the main patterns are the same but there could be slight variations for different individuals.

Disclaimer: the energy clearing/healing from the mandala is an energy support for your personal development, not to replace any medical treatment or advice. 


Size & Material: 6x6" (15x15 cm) Canvas Panel

Paint: Acrylic & Metallic Acrylic 

Dispatch: please allow 2~3 weeks for production

Postage: free postage with tracking