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Divine Blueprint Realignment (Private Session)

Divine Blueprint Realignment (Private Session)


The private coaching covers the Akashic Record Reading & Coaching for the following areas: (Energy Clearing / Healing is available as follow up sessions.)


* The Life Situation: get to the energetic root of your current experiences, blocks and restrictions that may be affecting your charka imbalances, imprints, illusions, and more. Coaching and recommendations for possible solutions are offered based on the reading.


* The Life Lessons: discovers the various "lessons" the Soul has chosen for itself in order to resolve ongoing karmic influences, and how they are showing up in your experience. Coaching and recommendations for possible solutions are offered based on the reading.


* The Relationship: uncover the relationship between two Souls, the karmic relationship, as well as what lessons you've chosen to experience with each other. The reading & coaching is not limited to romantic relationships, can be done for parents and children, family members, business partners … all the relationships that deeply impact the personal path.


* The Spirit Guide Profile: find out who are in your Guide Team and how Spirit Guides interact with you and how they serve you in everyday life. Learn how to communicate with your Guide Team.


* Soul Realignment for Business and Financial Abundance (details TBA, this service available from 2021)


By choosing one of the topics, Joy will do an initial Akashic Record Reading before the meeting. During the one hour Zoom session, Joy will deliver the reading results and offer guidance and recommendations for possible solutions based on the reading.


Disclaimer: Any suggestions during the coaching session do not replace any medical advice.


Bookings available from 2021, more details TBA.

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