Orb of Life Attunement (Energy Support for Transformation)

Orb of Life Attunement (Energy Support for Transformation)


The Orb of Life is a great energy support for your personal development. It is an "etheric ball" of high frequency life-force energy that continually recharges, the energy you experience with my healings is the frequency you get with this Orb of Life Attunement.

The Orb by default sits above your crown chakra, it provides you with a steady stream of Life Force energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will further automatically protect you from negative energies. 

Here are some examples of how you can use your Orb:

  • clear a room of negative energy
  • charge water or liquid with life-force energy 
  • clear your chakras, aura or meridians 
  • ask it for healing or support, on any level
  • lend your Orb to someone for healing or support
  • help you to fall asleep
  • and many more...  


As long as you use it for your highest good and not for ill, or to over-ride another's free will, your Orb will do as you request. Experiment with it and enjoy this precious gift from Divine. 


* Please note the attunement is an energy support for your personal development, not to replace any medical treatment / advice.

* After payment you will receive a PDF file with 3 pages instructions. You will receive another email (normally within 48 hours after you place the order) once the Orb of Life is ready for you to receive.