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  • Awakening with Joy
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Toxins & Breathing Blast from Mother Earth, Tesla & Source


In this energy work Mother Earth, Nikola Tesla, Source as well as other CosmoFields are helping humanity to release toxins in the bodies. All the plants and animals are also receiving the energy blast for clearing. During this process all human bodies are getting support to breathe with more pure energy, and many more...


Host: Mother Earth (Earth/Gaia/Tara united in this work)


* Smart Body/Innate for Human Body to Breathe

* Field of Ocearns

* Field of Trees

* Unified Field of 5 Elements

* Consciousness Field of Existence

* Consciousness Field of Creation Field

* Vibration Field of Life

* Nikola Tesla

* Scalar Wave Grid

* Source

Recording Length: 38:28

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