Ascension Healing for Relationships & Conflicts (Recording Available Soon)

Ascension Healing for Relationships & Conflicts (Recording Available Soon)


Throughout the whole life we come across countless people and develop different levels of relationships with them. Most people we meet have past life connections to different degrees that's why sometimes we feel connected to people when we meet for the first time. However, not all relationships are perfect and some people can have relationship issues that needs repair especially there are conflicts.


The relationship issue is not limited to external but also internal ~ the conflicts within self. During the session the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Amen Bey & Archangel Gabriel will be sending powerful healing energy to bring the harmony internally & externally for ascension growth.


Date & Time: Oct 27, 8 pm Tuesday (Sydney Time), check your time zone here

This 1 hour group session (via Zoom) contains:


Part 1: 15 mins Intro & Divine Teaching

Joy will be sharing her latest insights and the divine teachings related to the theme of the healing session.


Part 2: 30 mins Healing Energy Transmission

During the session, Joy will be connecting with 2-4 Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters or Archangels for a powerful energy transmission for about 30 mins.


Part 3: 15 mins Feedback + Q&A

Share your feedback from the healing session and ask any questions related to the session or ascension topics, etc.


* Please note the healing session is an energy support for your ascension process, not to replace any medical treatment/advice.


After payment you will receive an email with a Zoom Invitation.

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