Forgiveness & Letting Go Meditation (Recording)

Forgiveness & Letting Go Meditation (Recording)


Forgiveness is an essential step to loosen up the energetic knots, which are the entanglements with others and within ourselves. It's also one of the crucial components to help us release our karma ~ forgive & let go


During the guided meditation Joy shows you how to scan & release the attachments, followed by a powerful energy transmission from Ascended Master Jesus, Kuan Yin & Deva of Letting Go, who will be sending healing and blessings for forgiveness & unconditional love... Simply open your heart to receive and not just forgiving others but most importantly to forgive yourself & let go. 


* Please note the meditation session is an energy support for your personal development, not to replace any medical treatment / advice.

* After payment you will receive an email with the recording link (optional MP3 audio download available).