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Anti-gravity Protection from 5G by Tesla Scalar Grid & CosmoFields


5G is already here, many diseases and viruses have connections with 5G. In this recording there are energy protections on Cosmic level, the higher self of Nikola Tesla and CosmoFields are offering the protection for Humanity. You don't have to understand all the words in the recording, they vibrate certain frequencies for the energy work.


Host: Nikola Tesla


* Scalar Grid

* The Sacred Field of Superpower in the Consciousness of Existence (The structure of Human Body in its Miracle Tones)

* Collective Consciousness of Humanity

* The Original Field of Souls in its Creation

* Quantum Structure of Reality Lines in Anti-gravity Spin

* Reflective Q in Different Direction

* Reflective 5 in G to 0... 369

* The Field of Change

* The Field of Water Akash

Recording Length: 32:43


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