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Anchor Your Stillness in the Change


Do you feel lost in this waves of waves of tsunami of change? This recording helps to anchor your stillness and bring the egos to the light. Let's close the old timelines which have served their purposes and get ready for the new ones that are coming.


Host: The Field of Change

Support CosmoFields:

* The Sacred Field of Water Akash through Miracle Sounds/Tones

* Consciousness Field of Time

* Tesla with his Tower's Amplifier & Lightening

* The Field of Truth 

* The Field of Strengthening our Perception 

* Consciousness Field of Existence

* Anti-Gravity Reflective Field of Specific Field 

* Vibrational Field of Life

* Consciousness Field of Creation Field

* Future Point CosmoField Frequency of Change

* Collective Consciousness of Reality through Humanity

* The Originate Field of Ego in Creation Itself

* Contaminated Cosmos Persistent Reality Resistance Field 

* Earth Resonance

* Mother Energy of Earth

Recording Length: 44:55

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