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Akashic Record Reading for Soul Realignment

Akashic Record Reading for Soul Realignment


The Akashic Record a.k.a. Book of Life contains all records for events, thoughts, words and emotions... on multidimensional levels. With the support of the Ascended Masters and Joy's Higher Self, the reading reveals your Divine Soul Blueprint, Soul Profiles, uncovers the root causes behind the persistent negative patterns of thought, emotion, and behaviour.


By examining the negative karmic patterns from past / present life and the Soul-level blocks & restrictions, some personalised recommendations are given on how to move forward for your soul realignment based on your reading. This is the fundamental information for your soul evolution.


In this initial reading, you will receive a detailed report (PDF file) of ALL the following items by email:

* Major Energy Center (Divine Soul Blueprint)

* Soul Group of Origination

* Soul's Vibration Rate

* Godspark(s)

* Spheres of Protection

* White Lights / Blue Lights

* Number of Positive / Negative Spirit Guides

* Golden Web Tears / Scars 

* Added / Clouded / Programmed / Highlighted Memories

* Soul(s) Attachment from Earthbound Soul/ Past Life / Present Life

* Negative Thought Forms and Chakra Location(s)

* Soul Contract(s) of Protection / Healing / Soulmate

* Energetic Statement of Unjustified Karma

* Vow's Type(s) and Origination

* Percentage of Mental / Emotional Life Occupied 

* and more...


Please note: By purchasing this service, you are giving consent for Joy to access your Akashis Record for reading purposes. After the payment you will receive a confirmation email with an attached PDF file asking for your basic personal information (name, DOB & city) to locate your Akashic Record. The report is normally ready in 1 ~ 2 weeks after receiving your basic personal information. 


Please note: the reading result does not replace any medical advice or treatment


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