Multi-dimensional Clearing / Healing

Multi-dimensional Clearing / Healing


This 1 hour one-on-one private session (via Zoom) contains: 


Part 1: 10-15 mins Consultation

We will discuss the areas you wish to focus for clearing / healing.


Part 2: 30-40 mins Healing Energy Transmission 

Depending on your focus of the healing session, I will be connecting with Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters or Archangels for the energy transmission for about 30-40 mins.


Part 3: 10-15 mins Feedback + Q&A

Share your feedback from the healing session (optional) and ask any questions related to the session, etc.


Please note: before purchasing this session, you are recommended to have an initial reading for your soul profile, please refer to "Akashic Record Reading for Soul Realignment"


* After the payment you will receive a confirmation email with an attached PDF file asking for scheduling your time for the session, the Zoom Meeting invitation will be sent to you once you allocate the time.

* Disclaimer: the energy clearing / healing session is not to replace any medical advice or treatments.