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Why Guides, Guardian Angels & Ascended Masters?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

For every incarcerated soul, there is a team of about 30 ~ 40 spiritual beings supporting our journey on Earth. Some are in the "inner circle" who work closely with us and some are in the "outer circle" that they might come and go, they can be in and out between these circles according to the needs of the soul. There are various types of guidance system including nature guides, animal guides, star beings, etc. Here I'd like to cover the differences between the Guides, Guardian Angels and Ascended Masters and their roles.

Guides by definition need to have at least one Earthly life to be eligible for being a "Guide", the are usually with us because of family, past life and karmic connections, they are there to help with personality, emotional and mental issues. There are also higher Guides playing the roles as teachers for life lessons and spiritual developments. Guides are still in the cycle of reincarnation/rebirth* and still need to work on their karma & soul lessons.

Angels have never been in life forms, they observe the human lives through their fellow angels who chose to cut their wings in order to experience the physical existence on Earth. As mentioned in the previous post, half of the human population is from angelic origin, the Guardian Angels are often from the same core family group to assist and guide the souls back Home. Just like any spirit guides, they don't interfere with people's free will if they choose to fall.

As for Ascended Masters, who are just like us, had been reincarnated on Earth for thousands of lifetimes. Through their hard work on raising their vibration and consciousness, they had eventually cleared out all their karma and dross stored in the chakras and energy bodies and left the cycle of reincarnation/rebirth. You can say Ascended Masters have graduated from the Earth school and the only reason they show up is to assist humanity in their ascension. Because they had experienced what we experienced, they are here to empower us and hold our hands to eventfully leave the cycle of ratiocination/rebirth. Very soon I'll be working with Ascended Masters for various Ascension Healing services to help you with clearing chakras, inner child work, energy body clearing, and many more... will keep you posted.

Now you might have a question: What about the Higher Self's role in the ascension process? In the past I didn't realise the importance of Ascended Masters in our ascension journey until I truly understand my relationship with my Higher Self. In the next post I'll be revealing "The Naked Truth about Higher Self" that not many people actually know, welcome to subscribe my website to receive the latest blog and Ascension Healing services updates. Sending much love & blessings!

* Reference: Alpha Imaging

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