My Journey to the Black Hole

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

After all my Kunalini channels been cleared and activated, my inner ascension journey began from the Root Chakra. First of all, there were all ancestors and my tribe going up with me in my Center Channel, the ascent of all creations to a higher level of perfection, marching towards the Heart. There was a union at the Heart and all of us began to go up the Center Channel and started to rise like fire, going up blazing...

All of us stopped at Crown Chakra, we were receiving Source/Creator's gifts and dispensations, I saw many diamonds, a golden crown with encased ruby and some jewelries, etc. Another Crown Chakra was opened up looked like Lotus flower opened to thousand petals, all of us were resting in the Lotus in the Crown Chakra. We continued to rise above the Crown Chakra to the 8th Chakra, me and my tribe received more blessings from the Source/Creator... Then we went up the Center Channel to the Cosmos, kept going up to the higher heart/mind and met higher self... then kept going up towards the center of the Universe.

All of us rose to the center of the Universe, faster than the speed of light & sound... then we went inside the Black Hole. Inside the Black Hole is nothingness, the unmanifested side of the Source/Creator. Once upon a time we came from this dark womb, we came from here. We stayed there for a few minutes, there's no word to describe this moment, feel like there's no time and no space... We kept going up after coming out of the Black Hole, then I was clothed in a gown of light, holding something in my hand, and then I took my place in a throne, in the meantime I merged with Cosmos. When I heard "I am the the Alpha (Yin) and Omega (Yang)" I saw Tao (see image below), I feel the perfect balance/harmony and inner peace...

It was such a beautiful inner journey to experience the divine love and glory which is beyond words. Not only having the Sacred Reunion with Source/Creator, my Soul Origin and Purpose were also revealed during the activation process, which I'll share in my next post.











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